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Side-entering mixers work efficiently where a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering mixer, or where headroom is severely limited. Side entry mixers are less expensive than top entry mixers in large tank installations because the long shafts required by extremely tall tanks are eliminated.

In the case of very large tanks, several smaller side entry mixers may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

High performance shut-off valve with ancillary piping allows mixer to be maintained with the need to drain the tank.

All models feature your choice of wetted end materials and the high efficiency XTF-3 hydrofoil impeller for maximum flow with minimal power consumption. Impellers are optimally selected per application.

Shaft seal options include stuffing box with springloaded lubricator and single split mechanical seals—including bellows seals. Both include shut-off feature.

An optimum mixing speed is achieved with one-stage worm gearing. This results in fewer bearings, seals and other spare parts. The involute helicoid gear form has manufacturing repeatability, eliminating the need for matched gear sets. This allows lower parts costs, spares requirements, and simplified repair procedures.

Installs using pipe leg or tie rod outboard supports. Installation drawings are provided with each order.

The SXT Series is ideal for process applications involving continuous blending, heat transfer, mass transfer, or solids suspension. It provides cost effective agitation of medium to low viscosity fluids in large storage tanks.