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Cleveland Mixer engineers a durable and effective solution for mixing and agitating in 55 gallon drums, whether constructed of plastic or steel.

The agitator is self contained and pre-mounted on a rigid steel drive support that traverses the tank. The same agitator can be used on a variety of drum volumes and dimensions with our easily adjusted mounting frame. Cap and lid mounted mixers are also available with lifting eyes, lock down clamps and splash guards when required.

The Cleveland Mixer BH/BA product series can blend and agitate fluid viscosities up to 15,000 cps. in your 55 gallon drums.

Process wetted materials are standard 316L. Hastelloy B, C, and other high nickel alloys are available. PVC, PFA and PVDF coatings are also available.

Broad range of horsepower and operating speeds available. Standard C-face mounted motors from Baldor, ranging from ¼ to 5 horsepower. 5 different operating speeds from 1750 rpm to 125 rpm.

For narrow tank openings, collapsible impellers are available in 3 different styles. Two bladed propellers, collapsible axial flow turbines and radial flow turbines are available for your wide ranging process needs.

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PADDLE SHAFT 330036 1 $251.00 Sign in to order
1 HP AIR MOTOR 313866-2 1 $456.00 Sign in to order
2 HP AIR MOTOR 313866-3 1 $652.00 Sign in to order
DRUM MOUNT ADAPTER 323564P1 1 $154.00 Sign in to order
COUPLING .625" BORE 330141 1 $127.00 Sign in to order